Now that you know more about my research activities, you might want to learn about me. I put here some information about my hobbies and other interests.

During my spare time, in addition to enjoying spending time with my children (one of each gender) and my wife, Freddie, I like windsurfing, running, swimming and biking. These three last activities are joined together once in a while when I race triathlons.

"Windsurfing, once you've tried, you can never let it go..."

I have been windsurfing for 15 years now, everytime I get to sail, I feel like it is the first time. My favorite spot is Wimereux, in France, I sailed there for more than 4 years during my PhD work. Now I am in Nova Scotia, the season is shorter than in France where I used to sail all year long. Here, I can windsurf 7 to 8 months a year, however I find the conditions a bit difficult because of variable winds due to the coast line (I believe). If you visit or move to Halifax, the surfhop to know is kannonbeach, Jason and his crew will help you finding what you are looking for (gear or a spot to sail).

The range rode by Barry Me slaloming in Australia
The Range, a great spot for beginner to expert. Here is Barry charging the wave.
It must be the only picture of me in action, I do not have fans. Slalom session in Perth, Australia

"The most complete sport? also addictive..."

To spend my excess of energy after sitting an entire day at my desk, I run, swim and bike. Because the weather is not often suitable for windsurfing, I increased those activities. The idea of triathlon came as a challenge. I completed my first sprint triathlon (swim 740m/ bike 20k/ run 5k) in 2003. Since then, I try to do a couple of triathlons or duathlons (run/bike/run) a year. Triathlon is not that popular in Nova Scotia, however a good crowd (50 to 150 people) always gather for the various events that happen around NS during the summer. Triathlon Nova Scotia has an excellent website (TRINS) where you will find all sort of information related to triathlon (including races in nova scotia).

What I like about triathlon is variety in the training. On a rainy day for example, it is easy to just go to the swimming pool, or if my legs are a bit "heavy" then a short bike ride will feel better than a run. The only disadvantage of triathlon to my opinion is that to enjoy a race, an olympic triahthlon corresponds to swim 1.5k/ bike 40k/ run 10k, you have to get quiet some training and, managing the time to do so is not always easy, especially when the family is growing!

fin de la nage on prend le velo et puis la course
Porthood triathlon in Cape Breton, finishing the swim
Then getting ready for the bike ride
The best, the end !!!

"Just to be outside, to enjoy life with friends and what nature has to offer..."

In addition to these exciting activities, I also kayak, Freddie and I are certified Paddle Canada flat-water kayaking guide and instructor. We occasionnaly guide tours for eastcoastoutfitters. This is facilitated by the fact that Dave and Jill who own the business are very good friends of us. Their boathouse is located in Lower Prospect, right on the ocean where paddlers can navigate in bays, around multiple island or in the oceans according to their mood and skill. Pictures are too come...

We also like hiking on the many trails that Nova Scotia has to offer. There is a lot to do within an hour of Halifax. We like Duncane's cove hike, very close to Halifax, we can always spot seals during the summer and whales once in a while. It can be crowded during the summer though. I won't list all the trail we've been on but we have favorites that we hike on a regular basis and try to add new ones.

After all of that, when there is still some spare time and working on fixing the house gets too boring, I play ultimate frisbee (HURL) in Key Lime PI team. It is a team of young parents who want to get some exercise and socialize at the same time. We play in the summer recreational league. I also play pick-up soccer during the summer, not on a regular basis, but once in a while I join my friends for an hour game on co-ed teams. I have to skip some of my triathlon training on those days but it is so nice to run around with friends and catch up on the last gossips.

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